Everything sweet starts with a story.

Helen Milteer began to bake in 2007. She and her family lived in Birmingham, where her husband attended medical school while she cared for their 3 small children. Helen saw baking as a way to fuel her passions while still being a stay-at-home mom. With the help of her children (and a pile of patience), her amazing Almond Cake was born.

Her cakes were a hit, and she soon started selling them in local events like the Junior League Holiday Market. Before long, she was making cakes for clients big and small.

As a former teacher, Helen learned how to make something sweet out of any situation. In her first holiday season, an untimely kitchen renovation threatened her largest holiday order - and her budding business. Committed to her clients, Helen created her cakes from the dining room using ovens stored in the garage and the upstairs laundry room sink.

A Mobile native, Helen and her family returned to her roots when they moved to Point Clear in 2012. In 2016, she founded Point Clear Cakes to make her almond cakes available across the area. Today, Point Clear Cakes can be purchased online and in local grocery stores in Fairhope, Mobile and Birmingham, Alabama.